About Us

The Old Place is a bed and breakfast, which can also be used for pre-nuptial parties, receptions, small weddings, honeymoon pre-departure, birthday parties, bridge club, family reunions, and weekend getaways.

This bed and breakfast offers cozy furnishings and a tranquil environment for any type gathering. Step back in time and experience this American craftsman/bungalow-style farmhouse (fully restored) built in 1925.

The Old Place has two bedrooms, each with an adjoining private bath, a third bedroom without a private bath, a living room, dining room, kitchen, butler’s pantry and sun porch. Perfect for relaxing out-of-doors is the covered side porch with its comfortable wicker furniture and pastoral setting.

A most interesting feature of a bed and breakfast is the stories of its furnishings.  Among my special pieces is a bed, which I inherited from my parents.  It has no frilly canopy — no ornate headboard.  What it does have is a childhood memory for my sister and me.

Only on special mornings, usually Sunday, my sister and I were allowed to crawl into my parents’ bed to play and listen to Daddy tell stories, while Mother fixed breakfast.  Daddy worked hard as owner and operator of a service station located on the corner of Fillmore and Tate streets in Corinth, Mississippi.  He was a generous man known about town as an individual who cared about his customers, especially when they were in a financial bind.

One of his stories was about how he came to own the bed in which we spent so many pleasant Sunday mornings.  It seems that one day a frequent customer who didn’t have money to buy gas came into the station.  I don’t know the details of the transaction, but I do know that Daddy asked him if he had anything to trade.  It seems that he had a mission bed built in the 1940’s.

To my sister and me, this bed is priceless as it allowed us to spend magic moments with our dad.  Sixty years later, this bed is playing host to countless visitors who frequent The Old Place Bed & Breakfast.  Today the bed that was once payment for a couple o’ bucks of gas continues to allow families opportunities to gather on a Sunday morning and listen to their daddies tell them stories they will never forget.

Why is it known as The Old Place? Not just because the house was built in 1925, but because that’s the name the Glenn family has always used for the home where its members grew up on County Barn Road.

The Old Place hadn’t seen much activity in the past 36 years. The old American crafstman/bungalow-style house sat empty since about 1965, except for all the cast-off furniture and extended Glenn family belongings that were stored within the aging structure.

In 2000, Jimmy and Theresa Glenn, who had recently become titleholders of their ancestors’ house — adjacent to their own property — decided it could be restored.